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Don't say I never give you tip, you may arrive at the lecture theater 20min late. Can you kindly please help Answers of cn2125 with it. This is no longer an option for newer batches though as IA is now compulsory. The negative sign comes from the original fourier rate equation: Webcast Tutorials Choice of tutorial slot is of little importance.

Webcast available but I always attend the 8am lectures, I knew I will not follow the webcasts. Everybody will score here so just put some effort in and substantiate with references.

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There is no convection in the tight air gap. Enquiry about infinte wall Dear Prof Wang, I would like to ask how do we know for a problem about infinite wall problem, we should use the equation for infinite surface resistance or finite surface resistance.

Compare this to CN or CN where I could not easily understand as it always felt super abstract. The problem is finite surface resistance if a h value is given. You need to know, for example, whether the system has enough information for the pump to change from red to black, and whether such options even exist in the system.

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Please refer to the Steam Table from your thermodynamics textbook. Conversely, the boundary condition is the matching of conduction and convection flux at the interface. The two-page report is quite interesting as you come up with your own situation and apply the formulas that you have learnt.

How do we determine this, since k is a function of T nonlinear relationship for gases. Tackle those questions later once you have tried the rest. Make sure you do at least 4 Past year papers to score average.

Wednesday, January 26, 8: Just attend the lecture or watch webcast if provided: You may find this semester Y2S2 easier than the previous Y2S1. Is it a 2D or 3D heat transfer problem. For your reference, I have typed out the question herewith: Reason being, half of the content overlaps with what I am learning in ST How do we create the imaginary cuboid.

Again, I used notes from the chemical engineering summary booklet obtained in the welfare packs. Lee Hong Wei Subject: Many thanks in advance and i would greatly appreciate your kind assistance. It was really helpful as the notes basically came from this, but as a slightly over-summarised version.

Specifically there are one or two Appendix 4 and 8 I believe where he summarises quite a fair bit of information from the various chapters. Question regarding conduction-convection balance at surface Dear Barry: This program will basically simulate and help you do calculations for various things that you used to manually calculate, such as height of column, NPSHA of the pump etc.

Finals is chaotic, I did not really do a thorough revision. I am always spot on, that is when he Dr David Chew finishes his recap on last lecture. Blur freshmen no more!.

CN Modern Artisan Spectrum color family Multi-Color brand Candice Olson Wallpaper. Thanks for shopping Mahones Wallpaper Shop for pattern CN This product sold at Mahones Wallpaper. Jul 08,  · Please specifically set some time aside to understand CN, CN and CN These 3 modules have a lot of concepts which require quite a fair bit of time to internalise and they also form the foundation of many of your year 3 & 4 modules, especially the first 2.

* 1) f we take t = m in this case, then the answer for √(h/kt) should be instead of ; 2) is the answer to t = m. And for the water side √(h/kt)=m[( W/m^2∙)/( W/m∙)() ]^(1/2)=** ** 1) Again, the answer here is.

Here is the best resource for homework help with CN Heat and Mass Transfer at National University Of Singapore.

Find CN study guides, notes, and. Jul 08,  · CN Heat and Mass Transfer. July 8, July 21, leemh92 2 Comments. General Module Comments; Open book examination.

However, I advise that you make your own cheatsheet, or be very familiar with your notes so that you know where to find whatever necessary content and fornulas easily. You can use the.

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CN Heat and Mass Transfer Quiz #1 (8 March, ) Venue: MPSH2A. Time: am. Covering Range: Week Materials Student Name:_____ Matriculation Number:_____ 1. You can estimate the time required to cook fish ball noodles by applying the theory of unsteady heat conduction in CN Heat and Mass Transfer.

Answers of cn2125
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