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Economics and Correct Answer

I could have combined 1 or 2 sentences together, but here I wanted to show that short sentences can aid clarity of thought. The impact depends on elasticity of demand In both diagrams, we place the same tax on the good, causing supply to shift to the left.

In the outline, it should look like one main sentence of each paragraph, complemented with references to the materials that you are going to use in this particular section. Intro Statement about the context of the question - explain why the question in important either in the 'real' world or for the discipline of economics Give you answer to the question Summarise your argument in support of this answer - this summary should match the order of your paragraphs Main body Decide on the most logical order of your paragraphs - this might be importance, chronology or causation, but the basic flow should be simple and clear Start each paragraph with a sentence that clearly addresses the question itself - this will be your thesis for the paragraph and if a reader only read these opening sentences, they should make sense one after the other and provide a summary of your argument Follow the opening 'topic' sentence with your reasoning and evidence for why this opening statement is valid.

Using the graph, determine the profit-maximizing price that the monopolist charges and the quantity it produces. For example, a good auction design takes into account the information bidders have and the knowledge they have gained from previous auctions.

Swiss auction was a real flop. Hence, there is no perfect auction design and they must be customized to suit different environments and targets. Sometimes candidates start off well, but towards the end forget what the question was.

Since the beginning, weaker bidders were deterred by the auction form. Any country that wants to increase revenues from auction must try to facilitate the competition among bidders by trying to make participation in auction as attractive as possible and eliminating any barriers for participation.

For example, implementing theories has unintended consequences i. The main thing is to avoid combining too many ideas into one sentence. During your research, you may stumble upon some unfamiliar terms. Germany's auction design was very susceptible to collusion and deterring new entrants but they were lucky and managed to earn high revenues.

If the economy is close to full capacity a rise in interest rates may reduce inflation but not reduce growth. As a result, those with mortgages will have lower disposable income.

Netherlands would have generated much more money if they would some how encourage competition and change the action design in such a way that it would be possible for participants other than market leaders to place bids independently of each other to reduce collusion sealed bid.

Additionally Austrian government set a very low reserve price. Once you are positive that you understand the question, write it down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere in your room where you can always see it.

AD3 to AD3 Micro-evaluation 1. Sample Economics Essay Questions. Discuss whether the institutions that supported the Golden Age of capitalism may have been incapable of sustaining growth in the longer term. How To Write A Good Economics Essay.

In the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics (H2), the essay paper accounts for 60 per cent of the total marks. Therefore, good essay writing skills are essential for obtaining a good grade in the examination. In other words, you should answer the essay question directly, with the help of the.

Economics Questions And Answers Economics Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Question 2: (a) Explain and illustrate using diagrams the difference between price and non price influences that affect the behaviour of a demand curve (3 marks); Answer: A demand curve shows the respective quantities of goods that consumers are willing.

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Posted on August 19, August 26, Unit 2 Essay Question: May Q2 Specific reference should be made to the exchange rate in your answer. A rise in interest rates will reduce (candidates may use either the level, or the rate of growth of) aggregate demand.

Unit 2 Essay Question: May. WASSCE / WAEC May / June Economics Past Question Paper 2 & 1 May/June ECONOMICS 2 & 1 Essay and Objective 3 hours 50 minutes May/June Name. 2&1 Index Number. THE WEST AFRICAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL West African Senior School Certificate Examination ECONOMICS 2 I Give onlv one answer to each question.

An. Economics Model Essay 5 This question will be discussed in economics tuition in the sixth week of term 2. Discuss the economic effects of a redirection of government subsidy from petrol to education.

Economics question and answer 2 essay
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